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The Mermaid’s Tail

Street Mermaid

Mermaids appear on the sidewalks of Toronto.

Cat Ladder


A city resident comes up with a creative way to let their cat get from one apartment upstairs to the other, while keeping the front doors secure.

Outdoor Living

st henri outdoor living

The Chess Match


Chess games in progress at Place Émilie-Gamelin, Montreal.

The Rails Beneath


In the city of Montreal when the majority of the tram lines were eliminated in a conspiracy by the automobile and oil companies switch to more flexible buses, the city simply paved overtop of most of the rails and they can still be seen from time to time peeking out from under the potholes that they encourage. It is a reminder of what public transit once was and what we are trying to get back to.

The River's Curve


Seen In The City: Edifice Du Parc


Historic building on Avenue du Parc in Montreal QC.

Seen In The City: Lunch Time


Some seagulls try to get a little extra lunch down on the Halifax waterfront.

Seen In The City: The Harbour Tower


The tower on the Halifax waterfront at the ferry terminal.

Seen In The City: The Gate at Night


Seen In the City: Old Monuments and Modern Buildings


Seen in the City: The Wall


Pieces of the Berlin wall put to a different use.

Seen In The City: Port De Barcelona


Seen In The City: City Streets


Maman in the 'Jardin des Tuileries'


A bronze casting of the sculpture by the artist Louise Bourgeois. The sculpture, which resembles a spider, is over 30ft high.