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Dan at a Young Age

Dan at a Young Age

Dan Barham is an urban planning student with a bachelor of arts in political science from Acadia University. He has loved cities and buildings since he was a child. Recently, he decided to explore his love of all things cities and urban by creating a blog. Thus Urban Neighbourhood was born. Currently, he is living in Montreal and rounding out his studies in planning before pursuing a masters.


A Canadian living abroad in North East Asia for the past five years with extensive travel under his belt fin is always ready to offer a point of view on urban life as he sees it.

Fin as a young child

Fin as a young child

He is currently working on a tourist map for fun, and is watching the city he lives in be remade into a Korean vision of high density dreams. He has secretly begun construction what will become the world’s largest and ugliest hotel, in his own bedroom, hoping to move it to a building site soon.

Chris comments on a trip

Chris K

Chris K is the resident photog here at urban neighbourhood.  He has travelled in North America and across Europe and has plans for more.  Chris lists his interests as music, photographs, breathing and travelling.  He has an interest in all things green and sustainable and thinks that everyone should enjoyed life.