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Neighbourhood News

Neighbourhood News September 13th: Urban Water and Bridges

Metropolis magazine calls for a new type of water infrastructure since most of it needs to be replaced anyway.

The Cleveland Rowing Foundation closes a deal to create Rivergate Park.

On the subject of Cleveland the city commissions architect Miguel Rosales to build three pedestrian bridges.

Minneapolis St Paul unveils the I35W memorial garden.

Water and the Living City

By Jason F. McLennan and Sarah Costello
Monday, September 13, 2010 10:13 am

Water and civilization are fundamentally intertwined. The world’s cities, great and small, have developed alongside the waterways that meet our drinking needs, irrigate our crops, transport our goods, and power our industries. Sadly, dependence has not bred respect. Our cities have been unkind to the rivers, streams, lakes and bays they border, and as we settle into the 21st century, we face a water crisis of epic proportions.

Water is our most intimate resource (on a very fundamental level, we are water) and we are only too aware of the consequences of consuming water that has been contaminated by viruses or bacteria. We don’t need to look to the distant past for reminders: more than one billion people worldwide currently lack access to clean drinking water, and water-borne illnesses kill over two million people each year.

Unfortunately, developed countries have transformed fears about these very real sanitation concerns into complex and counterproductive phobias. As a result, we have constructed incredibly elaborate, energy-intensive systems that not only allow us ready access to potable water from our taps but also insist that we use this most precious resource to flush our toilets. These systems, born of our desire for purity, have substantially degraded our fresh water supplies. Read More!

Creating Rivergate Park: Cleveland Rowing Foundation buys site on Cuyahoga River

Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer
Published: Monday, September 13, 2010, 8:55 PM

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland Rowing Foundation closed a deal Monday to create Rivergate Park, a new public park on the Cuyahoga River devoted to rowing, canoing, kayaking and dragon-boating.

The foundation raised $3 million in grants, donations and loans in less than a year to purchase nearly seven acres on Columbus Road Peninsula from the former Commodore’s Club, a powerboat marina and boat storage centre at 1785 Merwin Ave. The park is expected to open next summer.

“I am ecstatic,” Jon Adams, co-chairman of the Rivergate Fund, said Monday. “We started at a tough time, given economic conditions, and fortunately, the community responded and made Rivergate a reality. It’s a real win for the city.” Read More!

Bridge architect Miguel Rosales lands commissions for three pedestrian bridge projects in Cleveland

Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer
Published: Saturday, September 11, 2010, 12:08 AM

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Future residents may look back on the next few years as the period in which Cleveland embraced the idea of pedestrian bridges as works of art.

Concepts for three slender and potentially beautiful spans are in various stages of development at Whiskey Island, North Coast Harbor and University Circle. Read More!

Symbol arises out of 35W bridge collapse

The memorial garden to the I-35W bridge disaster will feature a water wall and 13 I-beams.

By BILL McAULIFFE, Star Tribune staff writer

For Justina Hausmann, the Remembrance Garden honouring victims and survivors of the I-35W bridge collapse will be a way for the community to honor her father’s final act — trying to help another victim escape a car at the bottom of the Mississippi River.

It will also show that “something beautiful can come out of something so tragic,” Hausmann said on Thursday at a news conference to unveil plans for the newly designed memorial. Read More!


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