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Seen In The City

Roadside Fries

A street artist in Seoul leaves an impromptu installation on the side of an alley in Seoul. Photo by Nathan Hudon


2 Responses to “Roadside Fries”

  1. Aaaaactually, it’s a discarded art piece beside the fine arts building of the ehwa women’s university.

    I think it’s great that my pictures are being used here, but I would have loved a quick note asking permission first. Thanks for giving me credit, though. I appreciate that much.

    Posted by Nathan Hudon | 17/04/2010, 3:13 pm
  2. Hey Nathan

    Thanks for the feedback on the photos, and where this one is from, but umm I did actually ask you if you would like to be a roving photographer for the blog, If you can’t remember the comment trail is attached to your photo of the building with all the doors on it in your facebook album.

    Posted by Dan | 18/04/2010, 11:00 pm

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