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2. What We Want

Park Ave Corridor Development Strategy

Section 1 details the nature of our corridor, highlighting the opportunities and constraints the existing urban fabric posed on the potential LRT development. This section, “What We Want,” solidifies the vision and framework of the development strategy for the integration of the LRT system in the corridor to support the local and regional functionality. It also explores the concept for the development strategy.

In this section you will find:

Section 2.1 – “The Vision” describes the corridor we wish to create.

Section 2.2 – “The Goals” sets out three key concepts to guide the realization of the vision.

Section 2.3 – “The Concept” allows to visualize the enhancements we want to implement.

2.1 The Vision

Integrated Planning

Neighbourhoods and communities have flourished along Ave du Parc for decades, shaping its current form. The residents have proved they are passionate about protecting their environment from anything they deem detrimental, and active in supporting what they perceive to be advantageous to the community.  The enhancements that this development strategy proposes for the corridor were developed to further support the neighbourhoods and communities, and the enhance the functionality of the corridor on a regional scale. As this development strategy is proposing significant  changes to the physical environment, that will ultimately affect the social and economic composition of the corridor, it is important for the residents to be involved in the development process to ensure the enhancements will be most suitable for the community and have the highest chance of successful integration.  Local and regional collaboration with community members will be pivotal in realizing the the vision and goals of the development strategy.

The Vision

The vision collectively projects the community that the key stakeholders wish to foster. It will be a beacon to guide development strategy to ensure that the corridor retains its sense of place on both a local and regional level.

Our vision for the future of the corridor:

The Ave du Parc Corridor will build on its urban neighbourhood environment and regional connectivity functions to become a series of places that have stronger local businesses, more vibrant neighbourhoods, more beautiful urban places and a stronger sense of community. It will safely and efficiently  connect the residents, students, employees and visitors to a diverse urban environment offering multiple opportunities to live, learn, work or play.

2.2 The Goals

Create a balanced transportation system.

The long term focus on development for the automobile has negatively affected the communities ability to develop a sense of place along the corridor. By returning the streets to the pedestrian and introducing an efficient LRT system to enhance the connectivity of the corridor we create an active streetscape that the community will enjoy interacting with.

Integrate an efficient LRT within the corridor.

To encourage a modal shift in our personal automobile commuters and to better service the community the LRT will be structurally designed to be as efficient as possible.  In making the LRT the more attractive choice personal automobiles usage through the corridor will decrease enhancing community development.

Create vibrant places around the LRT stations.

Transit stations have traditionally just been a place to wait. But now communities are demanding more from their stations than just functionality. They want safety, security and enjoyment while they wait. Creating vibrant places around a station adds a vitality to the neighbourhood which makes commuting a pleasure, even for those who do not utilize the station as a destination.

The Concept

2.3 The Concept Map

Create  a Balance in Modes of Transit

We are looking to introduce a balance between the modes of transit through the corridor. To do this we must neutralize the dominance of the private automobile, enhance the public transit service and increase the pedestrian safety and priority at key locations.

Increase the Efficiency of Transit Between Origin and Destination

To encourage commuters switching to the LRT system we aim to decrease the trip duration, increase the capacity, enhance connectivity to other public transit services, and  increase the frequency of service.

Integrate Land-use Planning with Investments in Transportation

To ensure a stronger, more permanent connection between land-use and transportation occurs it is necessary to create integrate the planning of the two to achieve cohesive development that better supports the community.

Enhance the Sense of Place

Key areas along the  corridor can be enhanced to create a greater sense of place within the neighbourhood. Additional opportunities for civic engagement and initiatives for improving the economic vitality throughout the corridor will be a focus.

Enhance Regional Destinations

Mont-Royal Park and QDS individual development plans highlight the capacity for future expansion and enhancement. The Development Strategy will complement these existing plans to further enhance the regional quality of these locations and provide additional transit connections to them.

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Enhance Regional Destinations

Enhance Regional Destinations

Enhance Regional Destinations



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