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Metropolis Mag Comments on Dwell's Content


Dear Dwell:

Love the magazine. As a favor, I have rewritten the Table of Contents of your July/August issue:

Cover        House with Horizontal Wood Slats
Page 43    House with Vertical Wood Slats
Page 52    House with Horizontal Wood Slats
Page 58    Ice Cream Makers
Page 66    Pavilion with Horizontal Wood Slats
Page 70    Philadelphia
Page 80    House with Horizontal Wood Slats
Page 88    House with Horizontal Wood Slats
Page 96    House with Vertical Wood Slats

I hope you find this useful.


Jeff Speck, AICP
Washington, DC

In a bit of cheeky fun Metropolis Mag printed a letter to Dwell on its website today regarding the contents of the July/August issue. Its funny because there is some truth to the rewrite. Up until this year I was a Dwell Subscriber and enjoyed getting the magazine every month, but the focus on houses with different varieties of slats was less then I was looking for. Then this past year I switched over to Metropolis.

horozontal slats

I have to admit that the switch has not gone entirely as hoped. I was drawn to the commercial profiles in Metropolis as Dwell focuses  predominantly on residential projects, and my interest is more in the city as a whole then just the residential sector.  However Metropolis isn’t turning out to be everything I had hoped it to be. The First two or three issues (I am not entirely sure) failed to turn up after my Christmas subscription. Part of the joy of my Dwell subscription was that it showed up regularly, heck that’s the joy of all most any magazine subscription. Another guy in my urban design studio comment on the fact that none of his issues had turned up either. Finally after a call or two to the subscription office they appear to be turning up.


I’m still not entirely sold, for all its focus on residential applications Dwell has a pretty strong focus on structures, where as Metropolis Mag has a tendency to spend a lot of time on minimalist toasters, and other products. Its not that I have any problem with minimalist toasters and I agree that industrial design is an important part of the the world we interact with. Its that I’m just not that in to it.  But it is rather hard to find a magazine that is quite what I am looking for.

If I could only find one that was a mix of residential and commercial design, with editorials on the urban form, I would be set.

My Name is Dan and I am a planning Nerd.


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