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Neighbourhood News

Neighbourhood News January 12th

The Embassy Edition

Former American Embassy

The Ottawa Citizen
‘It’s a shame it’s still not being used’

The last U.S. ambassador to work across the street from Parliament Hill regrets that his country’s former embassy at 100 Wellington St. lies vacant and unused, when it could be a striking monument to Canadian history.

During the 1990s, Gordon Giffin often watched from his second-floor office as schoolchildren swarmed out of the House of Commons “and had nowhere else to go.”

When the embassy vacated the building, Mr. Giffin suggested to federal cabinet ministers that it would make a great place for the study of Canadian government or history. Read More


Kansas City.com

Kansas City architect of new U.S. Embassy in Baghdad stays quiet about role

The new U.S. Embassy in Baghdad has almost everything architects love to talk about: big money, high profile, controversy, historic significance, fascinating location.

So, what’s the reaction from the Kansas City firm involved in designing it?

Nothing, really.

“Really, we’d rather you talked to our partner company,” said Carl Yaeger, president of Berger Devine Yaeger, which came up with the overall look for the largest, most expensive embassy perhaps in world history.

No comment, said that partner, the Berger Group of New Jersey.


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