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Demographic Shifts

The Wall Street Journal reports on shifting demographics;

“Immigrants and minorities have moved away from cities in growing numbers since 2000, spreading the national trend toward diversity.

New data to be released Tuesday by the Census Bureau show immigrants and minorities are moving to smaller areas. While both groups are still a large share of the population in urban areas, a growing number have followed jobs to smaller communities.

The data focus on communities with as few as 20,000 people. The population figures are estimates for the years between 2005 and 2007. The change reflects growing diversity nationwide. The share of white population is declining in about half of U.S. counties, the result of immigration — primarily Hispanic — as well as generally higher birth rates among minorities.”S

The interesting thing about this article is what it says about the future, one of my favorite book series is Dune. The reason being that the whole epic story spans thousands of years, and you  get to see how societies shift over time. This shift in demographics bodes well.


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