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Vincent de Rijk, The Archinect Interview

One of Vincent's Models, can you guess the commission?

One of Vincent's Models, can you guess the commission?

Architectural Models are a critical part of taking your vision from concept to proposal and ultimately approval as they give an easily understandable form to the concepts that planners and architects dream up. Vincent de Rijk is a well known architectural model maker in Europe. He went to the Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated with an industrial design degree. Based in Rotterdam he opened his own workshop in 1987. Since then he has been involved with a number of the now famous architectural firms based in the city, with work for O.M.A. and Rem Koolhass.

Vincent de rijk has been responsible for developing a number of new techniques of model making dealing with plastics, he has created a series of products in ceramic and plastics. He is also an expert in polyester casting and continues to work steadily for firms in Europe and North America.

Check out the full Interview at:  Archinect : Features : In the Modelshop: Vincent de Rijk
Take a look at his ceramics and plastics series at VIVID


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