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Meet the New Shanghai Super Tower by Gensler Design

Concept Drawing, The Tiers are visible through the facade

Concept Drawing, The Tiers are visible through the facade

The New Shanghai Super Tower contract has been awarded to Gensler Architects. The firm has won the international competition to build the Shanghai Center. The site is a small 30,370 square meters, plot Z32 in Lujiazui, on Shanghai’s Pudong Peninsula. Once finished the massive building, will be a steel structure that rises to 632m with a 565.6 meter tall central core made of concrete. The building will be 127 stories tall with an internal area of 558,803 square meters and feature office, and retail space. It will also feature a luxury hotel. When the tower is finished it will line up with the Jin Mao Building and Shanghai World Financial Centre.

The building will feature a double skin that encloses an interior “bioclimatic” atrium. The Artriums will be planted with trees as high as ten meters tall that the firm suggests will turn the Atriums into a “bioclimatic” tower, the trees will help regulate the cooling of the building. The atrium is designed to twist around the building’s core. According to Gensler this, “[reinforces] the impression of movement and dynamism that symbolizes Shanghai’s success as a world city and the emergence of modern China.”

The design is composed of 8 major levels that are tiered, to enable the building to have the large vertical Atriums behind, using floor-plates, approximately the shape of triangles. This design allows each of the eight levels to have a front, with an outer glass façade wrapped around it and creating the large vertical Atrium spaces behind. The top will have a viewing platform and observation areas. These areas will have a large open space inside of the tower open to the elements, this design element is to pay homage to the void located near the top of the Shanghai World Finance Centre.

Internal View of an Atrium.

Internal View of an Atrium.

Concept Drawing Showing the turn of the Building

Concept Drawing Showing the turn of the Building


Article – 1693 – Gensler Design 632m Shanghai Super Tower


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