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A Whirlpool on Land; A look at Copenhagen’s New Aquarium


The plans for the New Copenhagen Aquarium by Danish architects 3XN represent a departure from the usual in building design. The whole structure is shaped on the idea of a Whirlpool. The core of the building is a round room evokes the eye of the whirlpool, and serves as the gateway to the rest of the building. From the eye visitors choose the type of water environment they would like to explore, either river, lake or ocean.


“The building is based around a central ‘round room’ around which different sequences of rooms ‘whirl’, each with its own unique journey into the murky depths. What is most striking is the care taken over the design’s integration into its surroundings and context: a giant glass ceiling refracts shimmering patches of light onto the walls, giving the impression of being underwater. The feeling is heightened by the fact that to look up is to acknowledge that one is effectively at the bottom of a deep whirlpool.”

The form of the whirlpool is most evident from above, and its a veiw that wont be wasted since the building site located quite near to the airport, and along a flight path. Travellers flying into and out of Copenhagen will be able to enjoy the design of the building from the confort of their seat… (the comfort level of course depends on the class of your seat)

via Blue Planet: Copenhagen’s Amazing New Aquarium | Environmental Graffiti



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  1. Wow! Great. I love Copenhagen. I am new in the city. I am a web designer.

    Posted by Anjelina | 05/11/2008, 11:43 pm

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