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The Waterfront Trail

A Floating Bridge on Hamilton's portion of the Trail

A Floating Bridge on Hamilton's portion of the Trail

The Waterfront Trail was inaugurated this past year after the community organization in charge of the trail. The Waterfront Regeneration Trust was finally able to strike a deal after twelve years of hard work. The creation of the trail was no small undertaking with seventy different municipalities and other groups involved. The goal of the trust is to make sure that everyone has access to the waterfront and that the waterfront is worth getting to.

The trail is designed to take into account the history of the area. Most of the shores of Lake Ontario and the portion of the Saint Lawrence River that the trail fronts on was settled by Loyalists fleeing the United States who wanted to remain loyal to the British crown. They exerted a profound influence on the social, political and business life of Ontario for more then two centuries and played a major role in the development of Canada. The trail bears witness to this history by passing a number of historical reminders; Loyalist College, Loyalist Parkway, Loyalist Township and even the Loyalist Motel.

The goal of the trail is for it to link waterfronts from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Brockville and, then eventually, to connect it with Upper New York State’s Seaway Trail. It currently includes 31 communities, 182 parks and natural areas, 152 arts and cultural heritage attractions, 37 major annual waterfront festivals, and 170 marinas and yacht clubs.

Map of the Entire Trail

Map of the Entire Trail

The trail is designed to be a multi-use recreation trail for use by people from all walks of life. The trail is also used by 24% of its patrons to commute to and from work. Currently the trail is about 30% off road dedicated path and 70% on residential streets or the paved shoulders of major roads. Most sections of the trail are paved but some are still gravel or packed limestone.

In the future the trust seeks to complete the few portions of the trail that are as of yet secured and expand the trail through a further 52 projects along the waterfront.

For more information on the trail check out their website.

Plus Petrina, the promotions and events manager for the trust has added some great suplementary information about the trust down below in the comments section so give it a click and check out what she has to say!


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  1. Hello Urban Neighbourhood!

    Thank you for including information about the Waterfront Trail. This past July we organized the first Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, a supported bike ride from Niagara-on-the-Lake to the Quebec border, along the entire 705 km length of the Waterfront Trail. The Trail is signed all the way along the Canadian shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, with the exception of 12 km through Scarborough which we are working hard to have signed in the next little while; and participants in the Adventure were lead by the permanent bird, leaf, and fish signs that mark the Waterfront Trail.

    The Waterfront Trail does connect to the Seaway Trail at several places along the St. Lawrence River, as well as in Niagara. It also connects to La Route verte in Quebec and several other provincial trail systems.

    The second annual Great Waterfront Trail Adventure will be taking place July 4th to 11th, 2009 and everyone is welcome to join us. Last year the ages ranged from 9 to 76 and included cyclists and non-cyclists, experienced riders and beginners. To find out more about the Waterfront Trail and the Adventure, check out http://www.waterfronttrail.org.

    Petrina Tulissi
    Promotions and Event Manager
    Waterfront Regeneration Trust

    Posted by Petrina | 02/09/2008, 2:28 pm

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