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Epic Storm Drains

Epic Storm Drain

I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker for the monumental and, in this case, I was truly blown away by the scale of the city of Tokyo’s Storm Water System. The photos make it look like something right out of final fantasy.

The system was designed by the Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering Technology (JIWET) in order to handle the yearly typhoons and rainstorms that hit Tokyo and the Japanese Islands on a regular basis. The storm water system is comprised of approximately 64 kilometers of tunnels linking concrete containment silos, which are 65meters deep and runs off a number of 14000 horsepower turbines which can pump 200 tons of water a second.

Like many other parts of Asia, 82% of the ward area is served by combined sewage systems in which wastewater and storm water are channelled through the same sewer line. This results in a number of issues, not least of which is the smell, but also that during times of heavy rainfall some waste water is mixed in with the rain water and is washed directly into local rivers and out to sea. Either way, the system is of truly epic proportions and can be enjoyed, not only for its capcity and complexity, but its visual impact. Caverns like these are just begging to be used as a futuristic film set.

JIWET homepage; http://www.jiwet.or.jp/english/

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2 Responses to “Epic Storm Drains”

  1. Not just as a film set – if you play the game Mirror’s Edge, you can visit a stunning Storm Drains even bigger and more breathtaking than the one featured here, although very obviously based on the Tokyo Storm Drains.

    Posted by Øyvind | 27/03/2009, 1:28 pm
  2. Any filtration systems in this? For trash and all that that might get washed in with the storm. Also, any info on the specifics of where the water is taken to?

    Posted by Lisa | 18/10/2010, 6:07 pm

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