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Dear North American Airports, you wish you were as cool as me… love Winnipeg International

If you are a traveller you appreciate a good airport, when I lived overseas I had the pleasure of transiting through Incheon International Airport on a regular basis on my way to the south coast of Korea and I used to marvel at the experience. Bright airy spaces, fast service and a logical design, I […]

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About the Present and Future of our Cities

photo by Mark Goener

How They Do it.. New Songdo SK

South Korea's bid to take city building into the future. City officials say that it will be a “compact, smart and green city.” The city will have facilities for business, health care, education, leisure, shopping and high tech industries all within a five kilometre radius. In the central city, residents will use bicycles or public transportation rather than cars. Our series on how they do it and what we can learn.


Is a re-purposing of shipping containers for other uses, the designers over at AnL Studio have built an observatory made out of shipping containers for the mega port city of Songdo.

First World – Mixed Use Residential

The Sharp (The #) First World is a luxury apartment and office-tel mixed use development with ground floor retail services. FWT was conceived as being an assemblage of four courtyard communities each of which is subdivided into three neighbourhoods of approximately 200 households.

Real estate lotteries, bidding wars, and tax audits.

One of the most interesting things about the Korean real estate market is the lottery. Due to intense population demands and real estate speculation most affordable housing, or price stabilized housing is handed out using a lottery system. Put down your deposit and wait to see if you get lucky.

Building the Urban Network

a different vision of what a city is, how to make them more efficient, and how they should be built, Gale Industries and CISCO take on New Songdo.

Around The World In 2000 Frames


Neighbourhood Favourites

France's Big Bridge

The Millau bridge in France currently holds the record for the worlds tallest road bridge. At a towering 343m (1,125ft) at its highest point, it is definitely not for anyone afraid of heights. The bridge crosses the River Tarn and the valley of the same name and has been termed by some as "one of the most breathtaking ever built."

Is that a mock Tudor Castle in your haystack or are you just happy to see me?

In Redhill Surry Robert fiddler created a massive pile of hay bales in his yard and his neighbours didn’t really think anything of it, he is a farmer after all. Then about six years later the bales came down and voila a Mock Tudor Castle! The town council wants it down but Robert fiddler is arguing that he followed the letter of the law. Who do you think is right?

The Pedestrianization of Times Square and the Naked Cowboy

Times Square is an iconic location in the City of New York. In planner speak a place like this is often called a magnet, attactions like these generate activity and draw in people. They call them attractions for a reason. One of Times Square's more notable citizens is Robert John Burck, more popularly known as the Naked Cowboy, an American Busker with a signature style of wearing only his hat, cowboy boots, a pair of tighty whiteys and a strategically placed guitar.....until recently Times Square, while known as an attraction for people, was predominantly a space for cars. However with the induction of New York's Fearless new Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, and the changes that have come with her, Times Square is now a different place.

The 'Hotel Of Doom' Awakes!

The infamous 105-storey Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang has awoken from its slumber and is once again seeing construction work. It has been reported that Egypt’s Orascom group has been contracted to refurbish the top floors of what has been termed by some as the ‘Hotel of Doom.’ Construction originally started in 1987 and it was thought that the tower was a jealous response to the South’s Olympic construction boom. The structure is 105 stories high and, if it were fully finished, it would contain 3.9 million square feet of floor space. Kim Ill Sung started construction to show off the state's burgeoning economic power.

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